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Remote Sites & Field Hospitals - Biomedical Engineering & Technical Support

maintenance support for mining, oil & gas and other industries with on-premises healthcare facilities.

Bioworld has provided maintenance and calibration services for clients operating clinics, emergency support centres, field hospitals and related occupational and industrial health services “on-premises” since 2004.

Our service visit programs, systems and reporting structures are ISO13485 and harmonised standards accredited, ensuring our customers remain compliant with the management and operation of their medical device and related health technology assets when they make use of our technical support infrastructure.

Bioworld uses only the best enterprise management systems to accomplish all its operational tasks worldwide and the configuration of all its systems architectures are annually audited by an internationally recognised control body for continual compliance, both on its technical support capacity and systems infrastructure, providing peace of mind to our customers.

Our normal approach is to capture customer asset registers onto our control system from where a quotation is generated for either an annual or bi-annual visit to site by well trained and suitably qualified multi-modality technician that can service and calibrate all equipment on site with online access to a senior control engineer for equipment designations he / she may be unfamiliar with.

Our technicians travel with a full range of calibrated test equipment as well as parts stock to ensure a 95% plus success rate of completion on all services, calibrations and repairs while on site.

All intervention procedures and tasks completed are captured on our control system for absolute traceability on all tasks performed while on site from which an ISO13485 compliant report is generated and forwarded to our clients.

All intervention history is kept on the system in a secure environment on behalf of our customers ensuring their standards driven compliance and customers are welcome to access our systems and any time for vetting and audit purposes.

Our r-HTM service program includes the following:

  • Provision and implementation of pre configured ISO13485 and harmonised standards compliant control system for operational management of the work requirement, including enterprise “asset” Management (EAM), computerised maintenance management (CMMS), Process management, KPI & Reporting Management as well as traceability dashboard (Certification, Work orders and equipment migration etc.)
  • Assistance with Procurement (Where required) planning and vetting of suppliers and equipment including compilation of compliant asset lists and population of the ISO13485 configured enterprise management system for use during the project (New Sites)
  • Planned Preventative Maintenance and calibration on all equipment required.
  • Corrective intervention on all faulty equipment requested by the client.
  • Compilation and submission of standards compliant reports for traceability and audit purposes.
  • Intervention data storage for historical and traceability record keeping
  • User training on assets where required by the customer.

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