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Health Technology Management Control Systems

Control systems for health technology and general medical equipment management is by far the most cost and time inhibitive component of any Biomedical Engineering / Clinical Engineering department in any healthcare related organisation. Whether original equipment manufacturer, hospital EBME / Technical department, Supplier or even 3rd party service provider.

The ability to perform day to day routine tasks in and around the technical service department or manufacturing plant or even “on-location” venues in a standards compliant manner requires a lot of administrative time and effort with a continuous focus needed on key performance to maintain target driven outcomes while at the same time minimise risk, both occupational and financially.

The Bioworld control system is an ISO13485 accredited configuration of the cloud based e-RRAM enterprise management application that allows organisations the ability to implement HTM control for all their operational needs. Since it is infinitely scaleable, it allows for users to start with an already standards compliant management application that can be further adapted to individual and personal management styles and organisation specific operational requirements.

The versatility of the configured application lies in the scalability of the integrated functional components of the cloud based base enterprise management application with the following key features:


     Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)

Cost of Ownership 2

  • General Asset Information
  • Cost / Economy of ownership and replacement indicators
  • AIR’s / Technical Bulletins / Recall Management Indicators
  • Traceability (OEM & Lifecycle certification)
  • Technical Intervention History Traceability
  • Procurement and financial history traceability
  • GMDN Compliant Designation / Risk Management

     Computerised Maintenance Management (CMMS)

  • Lifecycle Intervention Management (Acceptance, PPM, Corrective, Retirement)
  • Fully configurable PM intervention scheduling dashboard with tech staff assignment and progress tracking
  • Fully configurable Corrective scheduling dashboard with tech staff assignment and progress tracking
  • OEM conception to sale traceability integration and management
  • Pre-configured technical Intervention Specifications and Task lists for most designations as per the GMDN database for health technology capital technology assets inclusive of “risk and class” categorisation.
  • Integrated Internal and external “historical” intervention notes tracking panel
  • Java based electronic job-card and certification management system
  • On the fly “cost vs economy of repair” indicators
  • Configurable “Billable item” dashboard; (Labour, parts, traveling, toll fees etc..)
  • Assigned parts, accessories and consumables with “expirations-management” functionality integrated with warehousing module.
  • Review structure functionality for budget, risk, Quality and managerial control
  • “in-house” work order type configuration for organisation specific operational compliance
  • In-house workflow process stage configuration to control “turnaround” deadlines and QA requirements
  • Integrated resource dashboard with links to asset technical documentation


 Cost of Ownership 2     Cost of Ownership Management 

  •  Unique algorithms tracking intrinsic lifecycle value based on “ownership risk” and time stamp “salvage value” classes rather than linear financial depreciation curves.
  • Auto adjustment of “true” cost of ownership vs “economy of ownership” values providing for better informed replacement policies
  • Auto calculation of corrective / preventive impact vs economy of ownership allowances to better define technical intervention decisions.



 Cost of Ownership 2     Integrated ticketing system and call management facility

  • Full administrative call management functionality
  • Work order / sales order generation from call management dashboard
  • Call history and customer correspondence tracking





Cost of Ownership 2     Contracts Management Dashboard

  • Variable rate tracking through different suppliers / service providers
  • Agreement timeline management
  • Procurement management
  • Terms & conditions management
  • Geographical charge rate control
  • Tender / Supplier management
  • Equipment Libriary Management.
  • Asset Group Management. 


  • Warehousing and Inventory Management
    • Inventory (Stock) Management and control
    • Multiple warehouse stock management
    • Full R&D cycling with multiple configuration capability
    • Configurable ‘re-order” thresholds
    • Configurable personal parts / accessory assignments
    • R&D integration with EAM and CMMS dashboards with “returns” facility
    • Location based assignments with geographical stock search functionality


  • User Accessibility Management
    • Fully configurable access control for all access levels
    • User role group assigned user rights
    • Individually assigned user rights
    • Customer / auxiliary (OEM, Institutional access) user rights

The user management functionality of the system is based on Continuum’s anecdotal reverse relational computation technology which allows for multi-tier access control that can facilitate multi-functional access parameters for different stake-holders on a singular or grouped range of assets and data for various reasons. It assists with a range of modern interests from different operational and academic topographies with regards to enterprise management insofar capital assets are concerned, From big-data analytics to academic research or even OEM research into continuous improvement of sold equipment.


  • Projects Management
    • Fully configurable Project / sub-project management dashboard
    • Automated GANTT chart generated from project management dashboard
    • Project Work orders with task management and deadline control (including penalty management)
    • Personal, in-house or sub-contract assignment management integrated with Agreement group management module
    • Process alignment integration with task list/s assignment for Operational, QA, EHS, HSE, and other organisational compliance management
    • Integrated KPI functionality for POA task list generation and progress reports “on-the-go”
  • Process Management
    • Fully configurable process / procedures management dashboard
    • Intuitive process navigation panels with attachment browser
    • Assign processes / procedures to task lists with mandatory completion settings
    • Assign processes to all operational dashboards for dynamic user navigation
  • KPI and Reports Management
    • Built in Java based KPI / Reports management application
    • Wide range of available graphs and range management tools to configure intuitive KPI presentations
    • Word Processor style report and KPI builder
    • Easy database table access for quick turnaround report building
  • Audit Cycle management
    • Intuitive Internal audit management dashboard
    • Create Audit tasks and notes / comments sections
    • Assign benchmarks with pass / fail / NC factoring
    • Create Internal Audit reports with the built in report builder
  • Resource Management
    • Operational Documentation repository
    • Create User Role & department limited accessibility for employment level file access control
    • Add any multimedia, image or document type files
  • Occupational Risk Management
    • Intuitive user management dashboard
    • Manage User Profiles & Education parameters
    • Manage User training expirations (Oc Health, Periodic refresher courses etc)
    • Manage Skill-Set allowances (Auto Integration with Contracts and Asset Group portfolio’s)


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