This package is tailor-made for mining clinics and hospitals, offshore installation clinics, plant clinics, exploration medical facilities, marine vessel clinics, industrial medical response centers and emergency response facilities including air ambulances and first aid posts.

This package include a regionally assigned multi-modality engineer that travels to site either once or twice a year to perform preventative maintenance on all equipment on site with the addition of perhaps a secondary visit following each preventative visit for any corrective work that may not have been completed during the initial preventative maintenance visit.

As with the full DLM package, all data and historical processes, work orders and certification is managed and stored on the e-RRAM platform and can be accessed 24/7 from anywhere in the world. It is especially intuitive for companies who require a performance monitoring platform where geographical locations and environmental conditions may dictate procurement strategies in order to optimize future accrued asset performance measured against known KPI’s.