Combined with the technical audit, the quality audit investigates the environment in which medical devices are operated and maintained. The quality team determines the stability of several key areas that can and may affect the correct management and use of medical devices, including electrical supply stability, infection control in and around the operator area, user competence, technical intervention procedures and technical staff competence. Estates and facilities risk to the management of medical devices are also noted with regards to room temperature, lighting, security etcetera.

All findings are logged and scored against a performance chart and plans of action for remedial processes to rectify any findings are presented together with the technical audit asset register and overall report.

The report does not just predict the findings, but rather action points required on whatever findings may be evident. These proposed plans of action are determined by highly skilled and qualified staff with years of experience in their fields and is a massive incentive for any healthcare facility who wants to start operating within accredited guidelines insofar the use and maintenance of their medical device assets are concerned.