e-RRAM Application

The e-RRAM system allows for the following functionality which BioworldSA (PTY) Ltd. can set up and configure for customers interested in exploring a total enterprise solution with regards to their asset registers, projects, maintenance, inventory and management thereof.

  • Geographical site planning and organizational linking between sites as well as between other organizations, either end-user client or provider on a reverse relational intelligence architecture.
  • Full asset register and asset specific dashboard with general data tab, financial tracking tab, KPI tab, locational tracking tab, Historical tab managing all historical data entries including work orders, adverse incidents, recalls etcetera.
  • Service documentation and bespoke service specification repository
  • User check frequency monitoring functionality
  • Process and procedure management aligned with the service specification and task sets inclusive of attachment integration with regards to procedural checks sheets, time management and mandatory tasks
  • Fully integrated call ticketing and work order management system aligned with user assigned skillsets and contract management tools
  • Fully functional R&D inventory management system completely integrated with the work order, sales and service specification modules allowing dynamic flow between maintenance and sales processes.
  • Dataset based KPI set-up tools to configure specific java based graphical data interpretation sets
  • Built in report builder based on word processor terminology to quickly and effectively construct bespoke reports for export to html and PDF formats
  • Full data import and export functionality
  • Fully integrated project management module scaled on the service specification architecture inclusive of task and time management with integrated process structure with procedural control, process management module with integrated support documentation repository and time controlled task sets inclusive of KPI dashboard.