This package is provided with the sole focus on support for manufacturers, their distributors and agents where it may not be feasible for them to install a network of maintenance support centers in a specific area. At the moment this service is limited to the Southern African region but with BioworldSA (PTY) Ltd.’s ability to adapt to most environments, any manufacturer is welcome to explore the potential of ASP type agreements anywhere in the world backed by the knowledge base, skillsets and systems implemented by BioworldSA (PTY) Ltd. globally.

This package includes warranty support, general corrective and preventative maintenance intervention, performance monitoring, recall management, adverse incident management as well as inventory management.

As with the DLM packages, all processes, inclusive of pre-use inspections, both corrective and preventative maintenance (pre and post warranty) as well as cost of ownership is skillfully monitored and progressively fed back to the manufacturer and its dependents on a regular basis via a dedicated KPI dashboard on the e-RRAM cloud based application.

Through years of experience, BioworldSA (PTY) Ltd. has developed a strong objective policy not to sell any equipment but to rather concentrate on maintenance and maintenance improvement systems and techniques only. It is this objectiveness that warrants the trust of manufacturers and their distributors to use BioworldSA (PTY) Ltd.’s support services for their global needs with the assurance that intellectual property, trademarks and copyrighted materials are respected and safeguarded with the utmost care.